About the Rescue

North West Golden Retriever Rescue is a voluntary organisation, established in 1984, whose main aim is to help find caring permanent loving homes for Golden Retrievers who may be unwanted, abandoned, or need rehoming due to an unavoidable change in circumstances that forces the family to part with a much loved pet.  

To date, Golden Retriever Rescue has found homes for over 5000 Golden Retrievers.

We do not pass dogs from one home to another over the phone.  It is important that we match each dog to the correct new home and family taking into account the nature, temperament and needs of the dog just as much as the circumstances of the new family.

To achieve this, each dog is brought into us to be assessed.  This allows us to get to know the dogs condition, temperament, needs etc; and provides the information we need to find the correct new home. Trying to fit a dog into a home that is not suitable will simply result in the return of the dog which is not a satisfactory situation and dissappointing and upsetting to both the family and the dog.

Following an adoption, we are always at the end of the phone to offer help and advice and if a Golden is not suitable, for whatever reason, then we will take it back immediately. Please bear in mind though, that it can take several weeks for a dog to settle into his new surroundings, learn your ways and habits and become completely settled and therfore any prospective adoptor should be prepared to give sufficient time for this process to take place.

Goldens are a fantastic breed but they are also a boisterous, wilfull, determined and a full of life dog.  This needs to be taken into consideration when thinking of taking one into your home.  They are very much a people dog and need human company most of the day.  You also need to be aware that the hairs are plentiful and the feet are big and usually muddy.  However if none of this puts you off you will be rewarded with a wonderful faithful companion.

If you are considering adopting a Golden Retriever, please take some time to read about our adoption process and a few more facts and details about Golden Retrievers in our Adopting a Retriever pages.

We are solely dependent on our own fundraising and the generosity of our new owners and supporters.

If you would like to know more about this Rescue with a view to giving a Golden a new home or if you know a Golden who needs a new home then call Jan on 01257 262416.

We are always in the need of blankets and if you would like to make a monetary donation to this Rescue to help us continue with our work telephone the above number.